Featured Trainings

YWCA of Rochester and Monroe County, NY
— Leadership and Supervision

In December 2017, Artemis Associates provided a 2-day training focused on using emotionally intelligent leadership, nonverbal messages and developing effective leadership communication and addressing difficult topics or, “elephants in the room.”

In May 2018, we continued the journey with a day-long session on adaptive, reflective, and trauma-informed leadership. These discussions lead to a concrete list of items for implementation.

The YWCA continues to partner with Artemis Associates for ongoing consultation on implementation and annual re-evaluation of progress.

“Staff at every level are realizing that a new culture and every day practices will benefit our participants as well our own staff. As leaders, we are better equipped to move our entire organization towards an environment that ensures safety, choice and autonomy for everyone, staff and clients alike.”

Carrie Michel-Wynne, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Donor Relations.

Citizens Inn Peabody, MA
— Boundaries & Ethics

Trust is the cornerstone of working with children and families and developing trauma-informed systems of care.

In 2017, following a year of work on developing the organization’s level of trauma-informed care, Citizen’s Inn contracted with Artemis Associates to provide additional training on boundaries, legal vs. ethical principles, how to handle ethical dilemmas, and consumers’ right to confidentiality.

“Citizens Inn’s mission calls us to support everyone with dignity and respect… Through our work, we not only provide a safe place to stay and a meal on the table but offer tools to empower families and individuals to find permanent solutions to break the patterns of instability in their lives.”

Corey Jackson, CEO Peabody, MA

Center for Transforming Lives, Fort Worth, TX
— Understanding Trauma in Childhood: The Impact of Early Adversity and Strategies to Build Resilience

In 2017, Artemis Associates trained the entire child care staff at the Center for Transforming Lives in Fort Worth, Texas. This 2 day training covered such topics as:

  • Normative Child Development
  • Attachment Disruption and Toxic Stress
  • Impact of Trauma on Child Development
  • The Protective Role of Adults
  • Interventions to Address Trauma
  • Supporting Child Resilience at the Environmental, Individual, and Family levels