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About Artemis Associates

Our Experience

With expert partners, I provide an array of services to help individuals, families, and organizations develop, grow, and flourish including:

Dr. DeCandia’s expertise includes: training on child development, family homelessness, and traumatic stress, implementing trauma-informed care, building staff capacity, supervision, and developing high-quality programs serving families, and creating sustainable resiliency oriented, systems change.

Research partners have expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, program evaluation, collective impact evaluation, and creating user-friendly data systems for routine outcomes monitoring for systems change.

Our compassion leads to engaged action.

Artemis Associates works with you as partners with one singular goal:

To improve the lives of children, families,
and the systems that serve them.

Carmela J. DeCandia, Psy.D. Founder & Owner

I am a licensed psychologist with specialties in trauma, child and adolescent development, assessment, program design and development, and family and child homelessness.

At Artemis Associates, I work with a variety of partners to bring the highest quality service to you. Together, we build authentic, committed, values-based partnerships guided by your needs.

Maureen Hayes, Ph.D., Associate and Evaluation Partner

Dr. Maureen Hayes is a social science researcher and clinician who has worked with vulnerable populations for 20 years. Her areas of specialization include homelessness, housing, trauma, children and families, and mental health. She is the founder and owner of the Triskele Consulting Group, which provides research, program evaluation, and training services. As the Senior Researcher at the National Center on Family Homelessness, Dr. Hayes was the Project Director for the SHIFT Study (Shelter and Housing Interventions for Families in Transition), which examined long-term outcomes for homeless families.

As an evaluator, Dr. Hayes conducts mixed-methods program evaluations that focus on program effectiveness and efficiency, identifying areas for improved service delivery and staff development. Dr. Hayes received her Ph.D. in Social Work with a specialization in children and families from Fordham University, and her Masters in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Whether you are a parent seeking testing for your child,
a homeless shelter wanting to conduct better assessments and measure outcomes,
or a school or human service agency looking to become more trauma-informed,
Artemis Associates will go the distance to ensure your success.